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October 30, 2012

A TV Kind of Halloween

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Every year people find a way to mimic his or her favorite TV characters or reality TV oddities in the spirit of Halloween. We have our guesses as to what will be the most popular costumes this year but we thought we’d use some SCIENTIFIC data to try and predict the top costumes this year so we turned to good old Trendrr for some early insights on the most buzzed about Television programs this year. Baed on Trendrr’s data we listed out the top ten costumes for 2012 below. Let us know if you’ve seen any of the below costumes or plan to be any of these this year!

#1 & 2 most buzzed about TV Programs have of course been the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates. Just beating out the Superbowl for most buzzed about television event of all time, it’s safe to say whenever Halloween falls on an election year you’re going to see a lot of Politician’s walking the streets 😉

#3 The Walking Dead: A pretty obvious one as this show has quickly become a cult favorite. This can also be a very easy costume to do without the need for a store bought package but for you lazy ones there is of COURSE the pre-packaged deal ready to go.

#4 X Factor: Haven’t seen this as a costume yet but I guess if you have 4 people to be each of the judges it can be pulled off?

#5 American Horror Story: This is a great one. Seems so obvious but for some reason we don’t foresee many people doing this one since the new season just recently started up again. If you’re going for unique and scary as hell, this is a great one to do!

#6 Jersey Shore: With the new season of Jersey Shore starting up again and a few changes in the lives of the Guidos and Guidette’s, we’re definitely anticipating seeing a lot of Pregnant Snooki’s this year.

#7 Duck Dynasty: This show flies a little under the radar but it definitely has its fair share of die hard fans eager to be a part of this crazy family. Another easy one to pull off as well ,as long as you have a bandana, some camouflage and a lonnnnnggggg beard (real or fake) you’ve got this one in the bag.


#8 The Real Housewives of NJ: Fans of this series know that this season was a REAL doozey, mostly centering around the crazy that is Teresa Giudice of course. Our pick for any NJ Housewives costumes this year would definitely be a Teresa costume. We couldn’t find too many people dressed as Teresa already (shockingly) but here’s a handy guide to make this costume on the cheap at home. You’ll look Fabulicious!


#9 Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: Taking both TLC hit series Extreme Couponing and Toddlers and Tiaras to an entirely new level with this spinoff (mother and daughter were former focuses of each initial series before landing their own show) Honey Boo Boo is sure to be HUGE this year for Halloween.  Just get yourself a curly blonde wig, a pink tutu, a tiara and some Go Go juice and you are ready to Go Go! You Better Redneckonize!


#10 Gangnam Style: Not quite a television show definitely a cultural Phenomena.  Annoying? Yes, but hey if moms everywhere are talking about it and SNL is parodying it, it’s definitely going to be a hit at the Halloween parades! Heyyyyy Sexy ladies!

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