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Who We Are



We're HIP GENIUS. We're sparking conversations and igniting the media fire. We use insightful analytics to inspire conversations that resonate with consumers. We're socially savvy problem solvers with entertainment in our DNA and media on the mind.


Our approach is two-fold: HIP and GENIUS. (Obv.) GENIUS because we mine insights to develop in-depth analytics and strategically driven tactics for brands. HIP because we take that information and create culturally relevant, innovative brand solutions across social media, digital PR, partnerships, promotions and events.

By looking at each project from both sides, we're able to identify the most effective strategy to reap the best results for our clients. And since 78% of people trust recommendations from other consumers, word-of-mouth marketing is our most powerful tool.

Say What?

Simply put, we offer our clients the opportunity to generate conversations that build buzz, drive word-of-mouth and create lasting brand connections.


Our minds are omnipresent, but our heads are in Soho. Sometimes LA. Occasionally in Starbucks. And always glued to Facebook, Twitter and foursquare.


Now. Hit us up @ 917-606-1080 We love to talk.

Our Leaders

  •   Bryan Pedersen Managing Director




Our Services

  • Strategy
  • Digital Partnerships
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Analytics
  • Event Management
  • Digital PR
  • Branded Integrations
  • Branded Content
  • Promotions

Our Partners

Media Storm is committed to providing clients with unparalleled results by creating brand interactions that enable consumers to move beyond passive observation and into active participation with those brands.

MAUDE is a strategic creative agency that ideates, designs and activates integrated campaigns. With engaging, immersive solutions, MAUDE gives users the tools to personalize, share and create experiences that make brands entertaining.

Bryan Pedersen

Bryan leads the HIP Genius team bringing over 10 years experience in the digital space across agencies, media companies and startups. Prior to joining HIP Genius he led the NY Office for MXM Social and was VP, Digital at Edelman. In addition he’s worked on the analytics and consulting side of social for Nielsen/McKinsey Consulting and the independent social consultancy Converseon. Before social, he focused on mobile and digital marketing with media companies like MTV and Hachette Filiipacchi Media, and along the way has worked for a handful of venture funded digital startups.