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April 10, 2015

Instagram In Defense of Madonna’s “Social Media Fail”


We are clearly fans of a good social media fail. It’s not only that they are entertaining, but because, more importantly, when we are done reveling in schadenfreude, we recognize the lessons and opportunities each one presents. Executing grand scale, …

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March 17, 2015

Social Media Fail: Starbucks Wants to Discuss Race on Your Coffee Cup


Starbucks wants to talk about race. Yes, the coffee giant and caffeine addiction enabler thinks it can open up a conversation around race relations between its baristas and its customers by simply writing “Race Together” on its coffee cups. What …

Digital PR, fail, marketing, PR, race together, Social Media, social media fail, social media marketing, starbucks

February 27, 2015

Sorry, Kim K. #TheDress Broke the Internet


Remember that time Paper thought Kim Kardashian’s butt on the cover of their magazine was going to break the internet? It must kind of suck to have been beaten by a random blue and black dress — or is it …

blue and black, meme, Social Media, The Dress, Trends, viral, white and gold

January 27, 2015

Snapchat Introduces Discover


For everyone who knew a brand or TV show was on Snapchat, but couldn’t find them by manually searching, the platform just added a new tab that compiles brands, media, and artists in one spot. Discover acts like a channel …

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January 16, 2015

Will This Go Viral: The Brady Bunch Movie


The first trending meme of 2015 has arrived, straight from 1969. Okay, well, more like 1996. A Very Brady Sequel, the 1996 follow up to 1994’s The Brady Bunch Movie, an equally delightfully weird parody/homage to the original 70s series, …

brady bunch meme, meme, Social Media, sure jan, sure jan meme, the brady bunch, the brady bunch movie, viral, will this go viral

August 21, 2014

#Ferguson’s Social Movement: How Far Will It Go?


It is close to impossible to not take notice of the tragic events that are happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Since the killing of Michael Brown on August 9th, the social world has been alight with activity, and while the social …

Ferguson, Mike Brown, Predictive Analysis, social listening

August 8, 2014

The In Crowd: Connecting with the World’s Rich & Famous Through Social Media

Oscars Selfie

There’s no question that social media has enabled fans to get closer to our favorite celebrities better than any issue of US Weekly ever could. Especially with the rise of photo sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat, we are now …

Celebrity, Facebook, facebook mentions, Instagram, Social Media, Twitter

August 7, 2014

So Long, Check-Ins! Introducing The New Foursquare

Foursquare released version 8.0 this week, simultaneously removing the primary feature that made it famous – the check-in.  So what is Fourquare now that it has eliminated its primary capability? The app has now transitioned to a personalized recommendation service, …

Apps, Check-ins, Foursquare, Mobile, Social Media

August 1, 2014

Comedy Central Debuts Online Series Inspired By Tweets

CC: Social Scene

Either the writers over at Comedy Central are getting lazy, or they are really understand their audience and how social media influences TV. With it’s new online series, CC: Social Scene, it seems like it’s the latter. The series, hosted …

CC: Social Scene, comedy central, crowd sourcing, Paul Scheer, Social Media, Twitter

August 1, 2014

Sharknado Broke Twitter… Again


It was a hot summer night some twelve months ago when a story of sharks swimming in the air took the world by storm. On July 11th 2013 Syfy premiered Sharknado, an original film about – you guessed it – …

Sharknado, Sharknado 2, social tv, Syfy, television, TV, Twitter, Week In Review