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October 19, 2012

CityEats Dream Dinner Giveaways


CityEats is a great website to discover local, top-notch restaurants. It’s an easy way to look at the menu of your restaurant of choice and book a reservation online very quickly – in CityEats’ words, they’re “the future of food.” In order to build awareness for CityEats, HIP GENIUS has been working with local bloggers in Philadelphia, D.C., and New York to organize giveaways and reviews.

We’ve asked bloggers to present a CityEats’ restaurant menu and ask their readers to respond with their favorite item or “dream dinner” for a chance to win a $100 dinner. Bloggers are also asked to give their own input and review a meal at the restaurant on their blog after making a reservation through

22nd & Philly, a local Philadelphia food blog, partnered with CityEats for the contest and review for an Italian restaurant in the Queen Village area of Philadelphia. 22nd & Philly also promoted the contest on their social channels to over 1,800 followers on Twitter and over 350 fans on Facebook. Although 22nd & Philly’s reach is relatively small, they have a distinct and loyal following of Philadelphia-locals who are interested in food and restaurants. How many entries did 22nd and Philly get?

Concentrating on food-focused blogs in local markets is very successful in raising awareness for CityEats because it taps into an already existing audience in a distinct location. Although the number of visitors to participating blogs may not be as high as national sites, working within localized markets to do localized promotions is exceptionally effective at targeting the right kind of people and getting contest entries.

In Washington, D.C., blog Two DC has featured the dream dinner contest on their site and on their Twitter page for the delicious Palena restaurant. Although they only made the post a few hours ago, they’ve already received 5 entries on their blog! D.C. residents go enter!

Keep an eye out on CityEats’ Twitter accounts for D.C., Philly, and New York – CityEats will be partnering with bloggers for dinner giveaways and reviews until the end of the year. Interested in reviewing a CityEats restaurant in D.C., Philadelphia, or New York? Let us know!

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