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November 9, 2012

Social TV on Election Night


It’s no coincidence that right after television networks projected that he won the election, the first thing President Obama did was thank supporters, not in one of his many emails, but in tweets to his almost 23 million followers. Our President’s social team played a part in making election night 2012 the most tweeted about event in United States political history!

The newly re-elected President’s staff clearly knew that people were watching their Twitter feeds and actively participating in social TV conversation. These efforts to tap into an online audience were vastly successful, as demonstrated by the “Four more years” tweet, featuring Michelle Obama and the President hugging it out.

This tweet alone gained over 791k retweets, setting a new record for the most retweeted tweet of all-time! President Obama not only beat out Mitt Romney on election night, but shattered Justin Bieber’s previous record of 223k tweets from this past September. The image, also posted on Facebook, gained over 3 million likes in total.

So how did social TV apps fare on election night? And which news network won, social TV-wise? While CNN may have seen the most tweets and retweets in total, ABC received the most social TV check-ins with 1,530 shared GetGlue check-ins taking the lead! GetGlue is still the winner in terms of social tv app popularity! Surely people wanted to show their election pride with GetGlue’s special election night stickers.

Viggle LIVE answered some of this election’s less serious, personal questions with its polls. Members weighed in on such topics as what they thought of politicians kissing babies (apparently this is a no no!) and who has better style, Ann Romney or Michelle Obama? We’ll let you be the judge on that one…

Nielsen reported that almost 67 million people tuned in to watch network news coverage of the elections. Social media saw massive jumps in activity; according to research firm Experian Hitwise, 306 million people flocked to Facebook and more than 11 million turned to Twitter.  Surely, this has been the most social election to date! Were you tweeting during election night, checking in on GetGlue, answering polls on Viggle LIVE? Tell us in the comments!

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