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June 22, 2012

Featured Genius: Amanda


Tell us a little about yourself and your job at HIP GENIUS

I am the Associate Manager on the Partnership Marketing side of HIP GENIUS and have been with the agency for two years. My job requires me to really get to know our clients and find the perfect brand or entertainment partners to meet their marketing goals. It’s all about bringing two brands together in an impactful yet seamless way and sparking long-lasting conversations in the right environments.

Where were you before HIP GENIUS?

I was fresh out of college, completely obsessed with entertainment, plotting my next move to get closer to the action. HERE I AM!

What are your daily reads?

PerezHilton, Twitter, Deadline, AdAge, RealityTea, Gawker, CNN.. and of course the amazing

What do you think is the single most important thing brands should understand about marketing?

Walk before you run. Sometimes, it’s all about brand alignment. You might not be able to get Coke to brand your logo on-pack, but running a smaller sweepstakes with them can help break through the clutter and take you a long way.

If you could choose a movie or TV show that most accurately represents your life, what would it be and why?

Ugh, The Adjustment Bureau, unfortunately. I have hilariously bad luck and I choose to believe this movie explains it. I think there really is some big master plan responsible for all the ridiculous things that happen to me and Matt Damon!

What is your theme song?

CALL ME MAYBE. No explanation necessary here.

What emerging marketing trend or platform will be the next big thing in 2012?

Very much in line with celebrity branded products, I think we are going to start seeing celebrity-branded platforms, giving consumers an all-access pass to exclusive, behind the scenes content. These “hubs” would be perfect for both super fans and brands looking for some star power.

Tell us something you’ve never told anyone before.

Once in a blue moon (literally), I like Kourtney Kardashian a little bit more than Kim. ONLY SOMETIMES. Sorry Kim :(

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