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March 22, 2012


Stevie Ryan as Justin Bieber

If you’re anything like me: pop culture; gossip rags, and trashy reality television obsessed, then having the opportunity to work on a digital marketing campaign for a television show that takes a hilarious, satirical look at this lifestyle is the best thing to happen to me since Britney Spears’ rise back to the top!

What I’m referring to is VH1’s new sketch comedy show Stevie TV!  The star of the show, Stevie Ryan, was just an ordinary girl from Canada, with an extraordinary comedic talent who spent her days filming herself as crazy characters and posting them to YouTube. These videos are what caught the attention of VH1, which in turn landed her on television.

For me, it was love at first sight when she nailed her impression of Audrina: she never once looked down.

For others, I paid it forward and gave the opportunity to several bloggers to interview her. The lucky sites we partnered with for interviews were Pop Culture Madness, TV Comedies, Are You Screening, Culture Brats, all had great interviews with her. One of the funnier topics covered in her interviews was her impression of Justin Bieber, which actually creeped out the Are You Screening interviewer. Here’s what Stevie had to say about it:

You want to know that, when I play Justin Bieber… like, my ex-boyfriend and his friends, when I first did Justin Bieber, they were like obsessed with it. They were like, it’s creepy, but it’s hot. Guys and girls want to date me as Justin Bieber. I can’t even get a date as me, but when I’m Justin Bieber, it’s like all of a sudden everyone thinks I’m hot. It’s slightly depressing.

In addition to securing interviews, we also had some hysterical exclusive clips that we placed on Huffington Post Comedy and MSN TV.  The videos were from the premiere episode, which featured a parody of Academy Award winning film The Artist, while MSN TV featured a clip of Stevie showcasing her Kim Kardashian skills promoting the “Kardashian Kraze Board Game,” in which you win by being a “National Disgrace,” meaning you have collected the “Divorce Card,” “DUI Card,” and the “America Hates You Card!”

Lastly, we worked with entertainment and comedy sites to review the premiere episode in advance.  Sites that featured the reviews were Starcasm, Celebrity Dirty Laundry, TV Grapevine, TV Comedies, The Comic’s Comic, and Celebrity Dirty Laundry “thoroughly enjoyed” themselves during the first episode, stating that, “home girl is awesome!”

Through our digital marketing efforts, we helped increase awareness of Stevie herself, in addition to her sketch comedy show.  Get in on the funny Sundays at 11pm!



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