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October 3, 2012

Loehmann’s Pinterest


According to the Machine Learning Library from HPCC Systems, fashion is the most popular board category on Pinterest, which comes as no surprise! But how do we know what kind of fashion boards get the most attention? HIP Genius facilitated a revamp of Loehmann’s Pinterest and we have witnessed first-hand, how making timely, on-trend boards can lead to short-term Pinterest success.

As a part of our Loehmann’s Pinterest overhaul, we’ve been posting visually interesting and stylish content from, as well as blogs and other Influential Pinterest users. We had a very successful partnership with blogger extraordinaire Jamala Johns which we wrote about here. Any pin from Loehmann’s site links directly to its appropriate page so users can easily purchase pinned items and our followers are growing steadily. However, the pin board that has seen the most visible short-term success was Loehmann’s ‘New York Fashion Week 2012 Trends’ board.

This board consisted of side-by-sides of runway trends featured on PopSugar and Refinery 29 and images of the Loehmann’s equivalent to these looks. We touched on big trends from this season’s runway shows such as metallic stripes, large bows, exposed zippers, and belted dresses.  We presented the lavish designer versions of these looks and then paired them with the more affordable versions from

So why did the board gain over 250 followers in less than a week? 

1)   Timing. The ‘New York Fashion Week 2012 Trends’ board was posted right as Fashion Week was ending in New York. People were searching like rapid fire for runway photos, designer recaps, and trends from the catwalk. The time of this board was perfect for tapping into the already existing buzz surround New York Fashion Week.

2)   Content. As more users join Pinterest, greater numbers of people are looking for new, specific trends on topics like fashion on the platform. Presenting the most trendy styles from New York Fashion Week and then pairing those images with items from Loehmann’s website, creates a tangible and cohesive way for consumers to keep up with trends.

3)   Curation. While conversations about New York Fashion Week crowded the social media space, the ‘New York Fashion Week 2012 Trends’ Pinterest board presented a unique point of view on a popular topic. Fashion Week content, being visual in nature, can exist as a way to fantasize about extravagant luxury goods. With this Pinterest board, Loehmann’s brought Fashion Week back down to earth with options your average Jane can afford and made these designer fashions attainable.

4)   Integration. Loehmann’s posted about the ‘New York Fashion Week 2012 Trends’ board on multiple platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. While the pins from this board populated follower’s Pinterest feeds, linking to the board on Facebook and Twitter introduced new followers to Loehmann’s Pinterest page and targeted followers who may have missed those pins.

Tell us what you think! Have you checked out Loehmann’s Pinterest lately?

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