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February 27, 2013

Oscar Buzz!


This week we bring you insight from special guest blogger Tara Sickmeier, the Social Listening Analyst from Media Storm. Tara dove into all the social buzz from The Oscars this weekend using tools such as Bluefin Labs, SocialGuide, and Nielsen to share the most pertinent, relevant and overall interesting data in regards to Social TV. Take it away Tara!


If you missed the 85th Academy Awards ceremony this past Sunday with Seth MacFarlane, well then, you are in for a social treat. We are here to fill you in on what went down (not just Jennifer Lawrence on her way to the stage), but other important topics such as volume, how many people tuned-in, what viewers thought of Seth MacFarlane, the fashion, and of course the winners (and losers).

Whether you thought Seth MacFarlane was hilarious or offensive, social buzz for The Oscars increased this year by 153%. We saw the biggest audience compared to the past three years with 40.3 million viewers! This was a 3% increase in viewership compared to last year and earned a 13.0 rating with A18-49–an 11% increase compared to last year. The Oscars ranked as the top telecast against other TV shows on this day (as expected), however, still trailed the big “Super Bowl Sunday” tune-in. Super Bowl XLVII had 225% more volume buzz compared to this year’s Oscars.


After reviewing the social buzz and digesting the hot topics, it’s safe to say that host Seth McFarlane definitely helped to stir buzz and push conversation topics. One top theme that circulated the chatter was “boobs” (or the anatomy of). In Seth MacFarlane’s opening act he sang what might be the new Oscar theme song, ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ musical number (1% of chatter mentioned “boobs”). Also, Anne Hathaway’s dress was not too far off from one of the themes of the night as her dress had her on display in more than one way (0.29% of chatter commented on her “nipples”). Example quotes below:

  • “We Saw Your Boobs.” A new Oscar classic. I ALREADY love Seth McFarlane”
  • “Congrats to Anne Hathaway for winning for Best Supporting Nipple”

Top controversial jokes from Seth MacFarlane included the following:

  • “‘Django Unchained’ is the story of a man fighting to get back his woman, who’s been subjected to unthinkable violence. Or as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it, a date movie”
  • “There’s a lot of controversy over the multiple uses of the n-word in ‘Django Unchained.’ I am told the screenplay is loosely based on Mel Gibson’s voice mails”
  • “‘Argo’ tells the previously classified story about an American hostage rescue in post-revolutionary Iran. The story was so top secret that the film’s director is unknown to the Academy”
  • “Daniel Day-Lewis is not the first actor to be nominated for playing Lincoln. Raymond Massey portrayed him in 1940’s Abe Lincoln in Illinois. I would argue, though, the actor who really got inside Lincoln’s head was John Wilkes Booth”

Other top social buzz themes included memorable musical performances from Adele for Skyfall (5.6% of chatter). Let’s not forget that she has won a Golden Globe, Grammy, and an Oscar all in one month. Jennifer Hudson ranked with 1.3% of buzz in regards to Dreamgirls; Barbra Streisand’s, The Way We Were in honor of the In Memoriam, drove another 1% of chatter; and 3.9% mentioned Les Miserables with comments about the performance as well as the Oscars they went home with.

Besides Argo taking the cake for Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence falling ranked as the second highest social buzz spike. Other awkward moments included Kristen Stewart limping on stage to present (2.5% of chatter mentioned “Kristen Stewart”).



Twitter authors that commented on the telecast included Rihanna, President Obama, Oprah, and Snooki.



The most re-tweeted comment came from Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeting about himself and Daniel Radcliffe before their musical number with Seth MacFarlane.



The official hashtag for the evening, #Oscars, received the most uses with over 1.8million tweets. The official Twitter handle, @TheAcademy, received over 118k mentions.



Despite The Oscars trailing the Super Bowl in volume buzz there was definitely some classic moments we’ll never forget. Jennifer Lawrence got up, Kristen Stewart limped, and ‘We Saw Your Boobs’will ring in our ears for many Oscars to come. When asked if he’d ever consider hosting The Oscars again though, @SethMacFarlane responded, “No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though.”  Will be interesting to see what social buzz has to say about that response!

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