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November 16, 2012

New Pinterest Features


In the last week, Pinterest has rolled out two important new features, secret boards and business pages. Secret boards can only be seen by you and whomever else you choose to add to that board. Pinterest is making the number one request from users a reality with the option to create secret boards.

So what are these private boards good for other than hiding your embarrassing board of “Celebrity Crushes”? Since the boards don’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest, including search results or your home feed, users can create holiday gift boards, plan a secret event, or work on a project they aren’t yet ready to share with the rest of the world.

Secret boards are a great opportunity for department collaboration within an agency or company. For example, using a private board to choose a new logo or compare website redesign options is much easier than sending files around by email. Marketers can take advantage of private boards as a way to test out ideas without exposing the work behind it. These boards present an opportunity to keep track of competitors by pinning their material and being able to locate it easily and privately. If you are working with a brand that has super-fans, a great way to provide those individuals with an exclusive yet low-risk opportunity, is to make a secret Pinterest board only select individuals can pin to.

Pinterest’s second new feature is business pages, which are free and are quite different from brand pages Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms offer. Business pages don’t currently look different from other Pinterest pages and don’t possess any enhanced functionality. However, business accounts streamline the sign-up process by allowing brands to enter the name of their business rather than a first name and last name and authenticate the brand through website verification. After signing up for a business account, account owners are directed to a Pinterest how-to for businesses.

While there are no significant changes with the rolling out of business pages, it is definitely something to keep on your radar since it is clear that Pinterest is becoming more business-minded. Pinterest also announced two new widgets to enable account owners to embed pins and boards on third-party sites, which will help brands build a following. According to Curalate CEO Apu Gupta, “While business accounts are now largely symbolic in terms of what they portend for brands, it’s possible to imagine them as a precursor for a much more robust back-end where brands could pay to promote a pin.”

Tell us what you think! Are business pages and secret boards going to be the next big thing?

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