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September 25, 2012

Best Second Screen Apps


With all of the buzz surrounding social TV, how can we determine which second screen app is best for our marketing needs? We touched on one of the biggest players in the space, GetGlue, back in December. Since then, GetGlue has released GetGlue HD and has been met with competition from other social tv apps, including Viggle, Shazam, IntoNow, and Miso. Shazam recently announced that their app is able to identify ANY television program, so should we all be making the switch over to their app? Let’s take a closer look at GetGlue HD, Viggle, Shazam, IntoNow, and Miso (all of which are free) to see how they measure up!

What does it do?

GetGlue HD: GetGlue HD focuses on content discovery, providing a personalized experience for its users, allowing them to get information and personalized recommendations for TV shows. It acts somewhat like Netflix, paying attention to what you watch and talk about on the platform. Users check-in to the TV shows that they watch using the website, mobile website or a device-specific app.

Viggle: Viggle is a TV check-in service and loyalty program. It works by picking up on the audio signal from the television shows users are watching when they check-in. It is focused on live interactions during shows where users can answer trivia questions and participate in polls.

Shazam: Shazam’s app can be used to tag and identify any music track that’s in the app’s database by taking a quick audio sample. They’ve expanded their mobile app to now recognize television content.

IntoNow: Yahoo’s IntoNow app is a TV check-in service that uses audio fingerprinting technology called SoundPrint to identify and check into the TV shows users are watching.

Miso: Miso is a TV check-in service that catalogs and keeps you updated on your favorite shows and connects you with other fans. With Miso’s new open publishing platform, SlideShow, anyone can create interactive content that deepens engagement, for example, characters’ back stories, information on guest stars, fashion, history facts, trivia, and quotes.

How far is the reach?

GetGlue HD: GetGlue works with 75 major networks and has more than 3 million users.

Viggle: Over 1 million users as of August 2012 and captures over 150 channels.

Shazam: 250 million users, already has a large audience from it’s original purpose as a music recognition app. Shazam’s app can tag and identify more than 160 channels from cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.

IntoNow: Over 3 million users as of August 2012 and covers 140 channels of live broadcasting.

Miso: 350,000 downloads as of September 2012. Other than number of downloads, Miso has not shared any other demographic information.


How many people are sharing their app check-ins? Let’s take a look at the 2012 Emmy Awards:

GetGlue HD: 11,871 tweets were generated by GetGlue during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Viggle:  429 tweets were generated by Viggle during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Shazam: 5 tweets were generated by Shazam during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

IntoNow: 95 tweets were generated by IntoNow during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Miso: 5 tweets were generated by Miso during the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Who can use it?

GetGlue HD: GetGlue HD is available immediately for iPad and will be released for other iOS, Android, and web later this fall. The non-HD version is available on iOs & Android.

Viggle: Available on iOs and Android.

Shazam:  Available on iOs & Android.

IntoNow: Available on iOs & Android.

Miso: Available on iOs & Android.

What do users get out of it? 

GetGlue HD: After checking-in, users receive points, earn digital “stickers” and can get discount coupons from entertainment companies. Collect enough stickers and you can get a real sticker or discount at a network store.

Viggle: Provides users with points for checking-in, which can be turned in for gift cards to Starbucks, Sephora, Gap, Amazon, etc. Viggle LIVE, is a feature which incorporates trivia, voting, and polls that can earn users extra points for participating.

Shazam: Users who tag shows using Shazam’s iOS and Android apps will be prompted to view cast information, trivia and news, feeds from Twitter, links to show data on sites including IMDB and Wikipedia, and song details from the soundtrack.

IntoNow: Features real-time content in the form of tweets, news headlines, or play-by-play sports updates related to what the user is watching.

Miso:  Users check-in to television shows or movies to earn points and badges. Miso’s updated iPhone application now pairs with DirecTV receivers over Wi-Fi to automatically show users what’s playing and provide them with a more frictionless show-sharing experience.  

How does it generate social TV conversation?

GetGlue HD: It keeps the social element at its core, adding a IM-esque integration so you can chat with friends as well as other TV fans. Users can share the digital “stickers” they earn on Facebook and with friends.

Viggle: It links to Facebook, Amazon, and iTunes. With Viggle Live, networks can give additional rewards for participating in live interactions (for example, live trivia questions and prediction polls during the Academy awards).

Shazam: Links to Facebook and will be expanding upon this feature to integrate with Facebook’s newsfeed.

IntoNow: Has group chat functionality to create conversation about shows, the ability to identify the songs playing in the background of a show, and a tool that creates meme-worthy images from screen grabs of live TV. It also gives the option to share and discuss shows with friends both within the product and through other social streams such as Facebook and Twitter.

Miso: Users can check-in to comment on a particular episode, like posts by other users, and can discuss shows with other fans.


Our Recommendations?

GetGlue HD:  As demonstrated by the number of shared check-ins during the Emmy Awards, we recommend using GetGlue HD if mass exposure is your ultimate goal. As one of the trailblazers in social TV, GetGlue HD has a strong user base that will ultimately get the most word out about your show or network. GetGlue HD’s digital “sticker” offering is a great way to get word out about your show or network since the stickers are shareable. However, GetGlue HD does not use audio recognition technology. Users can check-in without having actually watched a show and metrics about the number of GetGlue HD users watching your show may not be accurate.

Viggle:  While Viggle has a smaller user base than GetGlue or Shazam, it is a great tool if you’re looking to generate live engagement and works especially well with reality shows, awards shows, or any live programming. With Viggle Live, marketers can determine which live interactions had the most success. This can help determine when people were paying the most attention and when memorable moments on the show occurred. Viggle’s incentive feature which allows users to trade points for gift cards is a great way to keep viewers continuously tuning and checking-in. If you’re looking for a second screen app with a loyalty program, Viggle is your guy! Since Viggle uses audio recognition technology, check-ins are accurate and are overall, a good metric of how many Viggle users are tuning-in.

Shazam: As seen during the Emmy Awards, very few people are using Shazam as a TV check-in service as of yet. However, it is possible that word hasn’t gotten out yet about Shazam’s TV capabilities since it is mostly well known for its music recognition. One downside to Shazam is that there are no rewards or “stickers” as user incentives. Still, we recommend keeping an eye out on this app since Shazam has such a large existing user base and its audio recognition technology is so successful!

IntoNow: A strength of IntoNow is that it does use audio fingerprinting technology which makes for more accurate reporting on how many people are checking-in to your show! However, the number of check-ins during the Emmy Awards was significantly lower than apps like GetGlue HD and Viggle. Still, their real-time meme generator is an interesting feature if you’re looking for users to create original content surrounding your network’s programming such as screen grabs from live TV. The creation of original content with IntoNow is an excellent tool if you’re really looking to create a personalized viewing experience.

Miso: While Miso has the smallest user base of any of these 5 apps and had a low number of shared check-ins during the Emmy Awards, the addition of its SlideShow feature is promising if you’re looking for original content surrounding your shows. Since anyone can create interactive content, you will get the unique perspectives of your viewers, which can create a more “connected” experience. Compared to IntoNow’s original content creation, Miso allows for more user creativity since the possibilities with SlideShow are a lot more expansive than just meme creation. Since Miso has the ability to connect with DirecTV receivers over Wi-Fi to automatically to show users what’s playing, you may want to consider Miso if your network is on DirectTV.

Now you’ve got the latest on GetGlue HD, Viggle, Shazam, IntoNow, and Miso! Why don’t you try them out for yourself and report back to us here in the comments!

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