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February 6, 2013

Six Fashion Apps to Know

Fashion Apps

With so many fashion and style apps out there, what’s a fashionista to do? Fear not, we did the research and picked the best apps for consumers – with some really interesting opportunities for brands.


Svpply touts itself as a curated collection of the world’s best products and stores.

Why it’s awesome: Svpply caters to a fashion-forward crowd.  Design-minded products can be classified as a “want” or part of a “collection” – and you easily click through to purchase. Svpply is a great place outside of Pinterest to drive referral traffic and to locate influential fashion and style curators and tastemakers.

Bonus: Looking at some historical data for Svpply’s Facebook demographic, the gender distribution was split pretty evenly…with about 3% more males than females. Seldom does one see a breakdown like that in fashion.

Brand Opportunities: If you’re a retailer, you can establish a store on the platform, allowing users to follow you and check out your latest product.



Snapguide is a 360 lifestyle app, with a topic dedicated to style.  Users can create simple, visually stunning “how-to” guides.

Why it’s awesome: Fun and visually interesting projects to update your style or generally improve your life are at your fingertips. You can “like” guides to store them for later. Follow others on the platform, see guides they have created or liked, and send private messages. The DIY movement is big and not going anywhere, so this is a great way to tap into this community.

Bonus: Guides can be developed using a mix of photo, video, and text for more visual impact.

Brand Opportunity: Some brands have hopped on the bandwagon, creating unique content highlighting product – and underscoring their brand identity. These guides can be featured, so they won’t get lost in the crowd.  For example, Anthropologie could create a guide for tying a halter using a scarf they’re selling, or J. Crew could do a DIY series featuring Jenna Lyons personalizing the season’s denim jacket.



Follow bloggers, style influencers, and brands to share and discover style.

Why it’s awesome: Tons of top bloggers share their street style photos, and you can save the images to your own collections. After taking a short quiz, Pose recommends bloggers for you to follow, but you can explore and find new users who pique your interest. Seems to skew heavily female.

Bonus: On some “poses” you can shop the look!

Brand Opportunity: Retail brands can partner with a blogger to style “shopable” poses.



This e-commerce-friendly app allows users to browse high-fashion or street style images, share or pin their favorites – and very easily purchase the look.

Why it’s awesome: The app allows users to browse high-fashion and street style editorial, and users are able to purchase the item itself or similar pieces.

Bonus: The app has deepened its Facebook integration to develop algorithms for personalization – which means that soon, the app will be able to pull Facebook data to create personalized recommendations for fashion.

Brand Opportunity: The app is very inspirational, and allows users to buy the pieces that make up a unique look without the guesswork. This could be a powerful tool for a brand partnering with a savvy street style blogger.  By partnering with the app, brands can get preferential treatment or have key images from their look book featured, enabling them to reach their target audience organically.



This addictive platform, already a fashion favorite, allows you to make your style collages on the go.

Why it’s awesome: Polyvore’s collages are, simply, fun. There’s already a dedicated community, and engagement is far deeper than simply liking or commenting on an item.

Bonus: Shopping the styles via the app is incredibly easy, and Polyvore has a solid history of working closely with brands.

Brand Opportunity: The platform allows users to design unique “sets” based on key product, which users can click-through. It’s a wonderful way to inspire consumers, provide styling guidance, and drive referral traffic. For a bigger initiative, a Polyvore blogger partnership or styling contest would be a smart way to activate a fashion-loving community.



PopSugar’s app makes it extremely easy to browse and shop for women, men, children, and home goods.

Why it’s awesome: It’s a shopaholics dream. You can easily like certain clothing items, create a sale alert, share it (via email, Facebook, and Twitter) – and buy it.

Bonus: Shopping is key, but PopSugar’s fashion blog, Fashionologie, is accessible within the app with fashion news, photos, videos, etc.

Brand Opportunity: Brands can partner with Fashionologie to create an editorial piece in conjunction with other ShopStyle efforts.

Users can browse products by “Brand” or “Store”. Brands can work with the app to ensure that they’re getting prominent placement within the app to ensure their product is one of the top mentions.

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