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January 10, 2013



If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest only to find that the red pumps you just repinned are only available for purchase in some far away land, we’ve got the solution for you!

Snapette is a great new website and app that allows you to find the latest fashions based on your location. Getting Yelp-like information on everything from apparel to accessories makes Snapette an excellent resource for local brands to alert nearby users what products they might like!


Snapette allows brands to send push notifications to nearby users on products personalized to that user’s taste. The app also features an Instagram-like photo feature where brands and users alike can snap and filter shots of products they love, tagging the store or brand. Users can view a stream of nearby items or items that are new or “hot.” By clicking “love it” on specific items, users can track their favorite products and let brands know if they love shoes, bags, plaid, leather, or all of the above!


How can retailers benefit from Snapette, you ask? Well, the app is a great way to drive people in-store! Brands like Loehmann’s are constantly getting new merchandise, but products are typically different from store to store. Snapette is a fantastic way to alert users to what is new and in stores nearby based on precisely what kind of fashion they love. Here at HIP GENIUS, brands often want to know how social media will drive in-store sales. Since Snapette is based around items that physically exist in-store, there is a stronger connection to getting people to shop at existing locations!

Brands can use the app to feature the latest trends to demonstrate that they are always in-the-know. Since Snapette is relatively new, many people have still yet to hear about it.  Sharing social updates about the app is a good way to let your fanbase know what Snapette is and that you’re actively posting to the app. In-store signage letting shoppers know you’re on Snapette is another way to further connect the shopping experience to the social app.


Snapette is also perfect for blogger partnerships and style guides that are personalized and local. There is an opportunity to have bloggers and fashion influencers select their favorite items in-store for a uniquely curated selection based on that blogger’s style. It easily translates to real life purchasing opportunities because it is based on actual shopping finds.

Make sure you download Snapette (it’s free!) and check it out for yourself. Maybe you’ll find the bag you’ve always dreamed of that just so happens to be only a few blocks away!

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