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February 22, 2013

Social Hubs


Lately, we have been seeing a trend where TV networks and shows are creating social hubs for their big events. Large televised broadcasts such as the State of the Union and the Oscars have dedicated sites just for tracking social buzz. Should more events be investing in these social data centers, or should they just stick with traditional methods?

For the most recent State of the Union address, CNN launched their #TweetOfTheUnion hub to curate reactions to what the President was saying. CNN gathered the Twitter accounts of every member of Congress that tweets. From the main page, users were then able to sort these tweets so that they were only seeing tweets from, Red States, Blue States, Congresswomen, and tweets featured on CNN TV. This provided an easy way for people not only to follow the address, but also see how important government figures were responding. With over 10 million Twitter followers, it seems that CNN knows a thing or two about social media.


Another recent event that utilized a central social hub was the 2013 Academy Awards. Through a partnership with Topsy, the Oscars created the Twitter Oscars Index. This index measured sentiment so that people could track the general conversation surrounding different awards categories. The Index had different graphs for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director. Below the graph, was a Twitter feed of a list from the Twitter Movies account, allowing fans to see all of the latest news about the award show.


There are many other events that could use these types of hubs to increase social engagement. For example, for Fashion Week, fans could be able to sort Twitter feeds based on the location of the event, New York, Paris, London, or Milan. Or users could choose to only see tweets related to their favorite designer or brand. This is obviously something that would make sense for sports leagues. With NCAA March Madness quickly approaching, CBS would be wise to create something that allows fans to see tweets from every team and then sort by region, conference, and other categories. Creating social hubs benefits brands by allowing them to drive their fans to a central location where they can engage.

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