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December 11, 2012

Social Candy


Social Candy is back and better than ever! At HIP GENIUS, we’ve used Social Candy to execute several very successful Facebook contests for The Seeker Wines. Social Candy is an easy, visually intuitive way to create, monitor, and track Facebook tab contests or sweepstakes for brands that are optimized for mobile.


Recently Social Candy released a new platform that goes beyond contests. The new Social Candy platform is the total package with analytics, reporting, social CRM, and time management features for Facebook in addition to contest applications.


Social Candy is a one-stop shop for your Facebook needs! Its measurement tools, such as Facebook page analytics, Facebook post performance, and competitive analysis are presented in an easily digestible and downloadable format. One very useful feature for posting is Social Candy’s ability to determine best times and days of the week for Facebook posts. Compared to similar tools, Social Candy is more tapped into your specific fanbase and can point to particular posts, fans, and content that help engagement levels.

From the platform, you can create, schedule, and view posts for Facebook using the calendar feature. Social Candy is unique in that you can also track the value generated by your Facebook page by calculating your ROI based on the value of identified fans.


In addition to analytics, Social Candy comes with a number of management tools that allow you to better handle content on your Timeline. You can monitor mentions of competitors on your page or set up automated moderation. Social Candy also allows you to tag, hide, or rank posts, which can help identify themes or trends in your updates. Social Candy’s fan management tools are a great way to determine who posts, comments, and likes your updates the most. You can attribute keywords to fans as a way to identify ambassadors or champions of your brand, a feature most competitors of Social Candy do not offer.

candy4Let’s not forget about Social Candy’s awesome new apps! The most notable of these apps are its coupon app which is great for brands wanting to offer fans a discount and generate sales revenue and its contest apps, including a sweepstakes, instant win, fan vote, and photo contest app.


You can schedule posts, monitor them, run contests or coupons, track fans, create reports, and easily export them with Social Candy so what’s not to like?

  • While the platform hits a lot of important tasks on Facebook, Social Candy is not set up for Twitter or other social platforms. Rumor has it that Twitter capabilities are on its way shortly!
  • You can only schedule posts in 10 minute intervals rather than by the minute scheduling which platforms like Sprout Social allow.
  • There is a monthly fee associated with the platform which varies based on what features you want and how many fans your page has.

We encourage everybody to get a free trial! Go check it out and tell us what you think below.

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