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November 12, 2012

SocialGuide + Nielsen


Today’s big social TV news comes courtesy of one of my favorite social analytics companies, SocialGuide. In a somewhat surprising announcement, SocialGuide has been acquired by NM Incite, a social analytics and research company that is a combination of Nielsen and McKinsey. While financial terms are not being released to the public, this deal could be gigantic in terms of social TV.

Nielsen has long been the leader in providing insights into what consumers are watching and buying. With the acquisition of SocialGuide, this only fortifies their stranglehold on this position. Nielsen states that it will attempt to “quantify the relationship between social TV and TV ratings to enable advertisers to maximize the impact of their spend “.  If this partnership is able to provide an actual correlation between social TV and TV ratings, the ramifications could be enormous.  Networks are frequently wondering what they can do online to boost their on-air numbers.

While overall this deal will be a great boon to social TV, this may hinder some of the things that SocialGuide is currently working on. For example, SocialGuide recently launched a beta version of their software for movies and films (  Currently the movies section details what percentage of movie buzz the film is receiving, how many people are talking about the film, and how many people intend to see the film. The movies section also shows tweets from people who have seen the movie, critics, and the most retweeted comments about the film. While this feature looks very promising, one has to wonder if development will still continue on this. With Nielsen’s main focus being television, the coming months will show whether or not SocialGuide is able to continue acting on their own or if they will be heavily influenced by their new owners.

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