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October 4, 2012

The State of Viggle



Social TV platforms are ALL the rage right now and HIP GENIUS recently put together a who’s who list of the best second screen apps that makes it easy to identify which platforms to use to reach your marketing needs. But one Social TV platform in particular is quickly gaining traction among users and unveiling a slew of new product offerings that we think will quickly thrust them into the forefront of Social TV. This platform is Viggle.


Reaching just over 1 million active users, Viggle is quickly gaining traction and awareness through its rewards system. With the new offerings rolling out this fall/winter we wanted to get to the bottom of what we can expect to see from Viggle over the next few months so we got in touch with one of Viggle’s representatives to find out the nitty gritty on what’s to come. From bold partnerships to fantasy football integration, Viggle is starting to take advantage of a yet untouched genre of Social TV.  Take a look at what you can expect to see in the next few months and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


On New Partnerships:

“There’s lots of exciting stuff happening at Viggle from new product features to partnerships. First off, at the end of August, Viggle announced a marketing partnership with DIRECTV, which is aimed at enhancing the television experience by offering bonus points and rewards to DIRECTV customers, just for checking into their favorite TV shows, movies and sports using the free mobile app. Some immediate benefits to Viggle users and DIRECTV customers include enhanced opportunities to get DIRECTV bonus points and rewards such as DIRECTV MOVIE MONEY certificates. You can learn more at


On New Features:

In early September, Viggle unveiled MyGuy (available on both iOS and Android platforms), a real-time fantasy football game for both professional and college fans. When you check into live football with Viggle, you can play along live with MyGuy. MyGuy automatically recognizes which teams are playing – fans can choose which players they want to put in the game and they can switch their players in real-time on every down. Like in traditional fantasy football, fans gain and lose points based on their selected players’ on-field performance, but as a bonus, those points can be redeemed for Viggle rewards, such as game tickets, team merchandise and gift cards. With the help of British Comedian Olivia Lee, we’ve created some fun videos to get users excited about the game. 


On The Future of Viggle

Next up, kicking off on Thursday, 10/11, Viggle will be giving away two tickets to the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans. Closer to the giveaway date, details will be shared here



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  1. Viggle is a fun platform to play around on, but I am finding it to be very inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept. I have found a lot of well, interesting shows on television (think “Tanked” or “My Cat From Hell.”

    For example, in rewards, I get iTunes cards and Amazon cards. Both have been gone for weeks. They say that they have to order new ones, but lets face it, you place an order with the vendor and you get them in a few hours. Amazon even sells multipacks up to 1000 codes! I am sure Apple does the same thing.

    Additionally, Viggle has been making it more difficult to get rewards. When I started the program early this summer, a $10 iTunes card was 14,000 points. Then it went to 18,000 points. now, it is at 25,000 points. For no reason. they are still $10 cards. The Amazon cards in a $25 denomination were 50,000 points, now are 62,500 points.

    The commercials are also few and far between on Viggle, I used to earn 200-300-500 points just from commercials daily, and most TV shows garnered 100-300 points. Today, most shows only earn 50 points.

    So, they have raised the price for the cards, and lowered the opportunities to earn points. If they keep up this sceanario, they may not be in this type of promotion much longer!

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