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December 11, 2012

Top 5 MLB Twitter Accounts


With pitchers and catchers set to report to Spring Training in less than a month, we at HIP GENIUS thought we would share some of our favorite baseball related Twitter accounts. This wasn’t just limited to current players, but also reporters, old players, parody accounts, and anything else remotely related to our national pastime.


1. Jose Canseco – @JoseCanseco

Once a member of the Oakland Athletics vaunted bash-brothers lineup, Jose Canseco is now synonymous with steroid usage. After publishing a book in which he named multiple athletes who were violating performance enhancing drug policies, Canseco is now publishing most of his thoughts on Twitter. His tweets are not just limited to baseball. Actually, his tweets are not limited at all. He will talk about anything and everything, and following him is not unlike watching a train crash. Definitely a must follow for anyone who likes baseball and the ramblings of a crazy man.

2. Brandon McCarthy – @BMcCarthy32

Currently a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks starting rotation, McCarthy is one of the few athletes who is engaging and witty in his tweets. McCarthy’s follower count shot up during the 2012 season after taking a line drive off of his skull. Once he woke up from his surgery, McCarthy was tweeting about drinking children’s Tylenol and other hilarious updates. Although he switched teams in the offseason, it is safe to assume that his Twitter demeanor will remain unchanged.

3. Old Hoss Radbourn – @OldHossRadbourn

Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn was a starting pitcher in the late 1800’s, who is most known for finishing almost every game that he started, compiling 59 wins and over 670 innings pitched in a single season. Since he’s dead, this obviously isn’t a “verified” account. Whoever runs this handle has taken the persona of a rugged, stubborn, old-timer who hates everything about the modern-day game.

4. David Price – @DavidPrice14

David Price is one of those rare double threats – a Cy Young caliber pitcher and a top-notch tweeter. Price knows how to cater to his fans with his tweets. With behind-the-scenes photos, giveaways to his fans, thoughts on technology, and pictures of his dog, Price’s account is a definite must-follow.

5. Jayson Stark – @JaysonSt

Jayson Stark is a national baseball writer for who previously wrote for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and has published multiple books about baseball. His tweets are perfect for the fan who loves statistics and interesting tidbits. He regularly shares facts and figures about baseball that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. During the season, he frequently posts trivia questions and responds to fans who try to answer correctly. His demeanor and personality make him seem more like a friend than a media personality to his followers.

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