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November 1, 2012

Tumblr Of The Week: Sandy or Bust


In the wake of this week’s natural disaster, “Sandy or Bust”, a Tumblr that curates moments caught on camera from the various points of view from Hurricane Sandy has immerged from the storm.  The blog is a welcomed break from the doom and gloom surrounding much of the online documentation about the hurricane.

Providing a more “removed” point of view of the hurricane, “Sandy or Bust” serves up a collection of images from inside, outside and around the storm with a bit (just a smidge) of tasteful humor among some otherwise powerful, less light-hearted photos.  To me, this shows that even during a tragic disaster, people can pull it together to share a smile or a laugh to help one another get through the hard times.  I was grateful to stumble upon this blog today, after reading the news from my devastated hometown on the Jersey Shore.  It was a much-needed breath of fresh air.  Here are a few posts that lifted our spirits a bit:

A bit of smartphone snark…

Hurricane Sandy, Natural Disaster, Tumblr

Hurricane hardware humor…

Hurricane Sandy, Natural Disaster, Tumblr Irony…

hurricane sandy, natural disaster, tumblr

 An unmissed opportunity to write “suggestions” on a dirty car…

hurricane sandy, natural disaster, tumblr

  …and of course, the wisdom of Sophia.

hurricane sandy, natural disaster, tumblr

Our condolences and positive thoughts go out to all those affected by the storm.  To volunteer or donate to relief efforts, NYC residents can email with their Name, Email and Borough.  New Jersey residents can call 1-(800)-JERSEY-7, and if you’d like to volunteer on a national level, the American Red Cross and Salvation Army are accepting donations and volunteers.

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