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October 9, 2012

Twitter Surveys


In attempt to expand its number of paid offerings, Twitter has announced that it will be offering sponsored surveys to select advertising partners. Twitter partnered with Nielsen to allow brands to get feedback from their fans. With Promotes Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends already be utilized, are Promoted Surveys too much, or just another thing to ignore?

Like Promoted Tweets, surveys will only appear in your Twitter Feed. However, instead of coming from a brand’s account, all surveys will originate from @TwitterSurveys. As someone who regularly ignores other Twitter advertisements, I wonder if people will actually want to take part in these surveys. Twitter has said that test versions of these surveys have seen results that are similar to Promoted Tweet engagement, somewhere between 1 and 3 percent. Those numbers would give brands a very small sample size from which to gather responses. In order to increase participation, Twitter would be smart to end their crusade against 3rd party applications. By opening this up to other platforms, Twitter can only increase the number of eyes that see these surveys.

Besides opening up this service to third party applications, Twitter can also increase the number of participants by offering incentives from those brands doing the surveys. For example, everyone who takes the survey could be entered to win a prize pack from that company. Twitter could even partner with another site to offer music downloads once a certain number of surveys are taken. In order to get people to take these surveys, Twitter is definitely going to have to up the ante.

An interesting side note about these surveys is that they will only appear on Twitter’s website and mobile application. 3rd party applications will not have the ability to display theses surveys. Could that be the reason why Twitter has been revoking access for multiple 3rd party applications in the recent weeks? If you were on your phone looking at Twitter, would you actually say to yourself ‘Oh look a Promoted Survey, that looks like fun”? I know I wouldn’t.

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