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September 27, 2012

TypePop Away!


Ever wonder how you can take your pictures and make them say something – literally? Well TypePop lets you do just that. TypePop is a new web app that takes images and lets you add text to them, creating an animated GIF. The way it works is fairly simple: users can head on over to, upload an image, select animated text and bam, you’ve got a custom animated GIF.


As Tumblr continues to grow in the social media space, TypePop is another solution for brands to join in on the fun. According to comScore, this past year alone, Tumblr’s traffic increased by 100.5% in unique visitors between July 2011 and July 2012 (making its unique visitor count 26.9 million). The platform is considered to be a top social networking tool for brands, giving them the ability to reach their consumers in creative ways.

TV networks and film studios have started using Tumblr as an extension of their products, providing images and exclusive content for fans. For entertainment brands in particular, TypePop is a great way to work with existing images and stills to produce new content.

As brands develop social media strategies, it’s important to understand not only the audience they’re trying to target, but also the audience using these social media platforms. For example, the general demographic on Tumblr tends to skew younger, with more than 50% of its users under the age of 34. So Tumblr serves as a way to tap into this younger audience and communicate with them more effectively.

Currently, TypePop is pretty new to the market and only being used as a prototype. We’re hoping this means there’s much more to come in terms of customization and branding opportunities (such as creating custom animated captions).

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