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January 25, 2013

Viggle’s MyGuy Game


With an abundance of social TV applications on the market, it is surprising that only one offers a fantasy sports experience. A quick look at the data shows that sports and mobile applications go hand-in-hand. According to Trendrr’s 2012 report sports accounted for 31% of all social TV conversation last year. That almost doubles the next closest genre, reality TV with 17%. iPhones accounted for over 50% of social TV engagement. It just makes sense to combine sports and social TV in a single application.

This is where Viggle  – one of the leaders in the second screen arena – comes in to play. Using the app’s new MyGuy feature, fans can now participate in their favorite sports games in real time. Currently available for select football and basketball games, MyGuy gives fans the opportunity to earn more Viggle points. Users pick a player that they think is going to do well during the game. That player becomes “MyGuy” and the user earns points whenever that player does something positive, and loses points when they do something negative.  You can switch your MyGuy at any time during the game, so to earn the most points, a user must constantly be paying attention and switching players to go with the best option.

MyGuy isn’t just about selecting a player though. You can be placed in a group with nine other people, competing to get the highest score possible. The top three scores awarded with precious Viggle points, which can later be redeemed for gift cards and other swag. Currently, VIggle is running a MyGuy challenge where the single highest score from each playoff game wins a trip for 2 to the Super Bowl in New Orleans with Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino! Viggle has done an outstanding job of not only making their game fun to play, but also providing great prizes. With this in mind, it is not hard to imagine MyGuy having an expanded role in not only sports, but also competition based programming. A baseball version could have you choose a new player before each half-inning, and hockey version would be similar to the basketball version, but at a much faster pace. Viggle would be smart to expand MyGuy to reality competition shows. Using Top Chef as an example, fans could choose their chef before each competition and receive points depending on what place they come in. With new competition shows debuting every season, it seems that there would be a lot of opportunities to use MyGuy.


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