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October 12, 2012

Week In Review 10.6-10.12


This week we got SLAMMED into fall and along with the cold breeze and falling leaves we saw a number of political/digital/pop-culture changes in the climate as well.  Without further ado, here is the Week In Review!

1)   The Joe Biden picked up Obama’s slack this week during the Vice Presidential debates. This debate was not only a big win for the democrats but a big win for the internet with meme jokes galore mostly centering around hairdos. We never said the Internet was mature!

2)   And speaking of debates, another one that was incredibly more interesting then the first presidential debate was the Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly Rumble. Unfortunately many people had issues getting on the live stream in real time since so many people wanted to watch it actually crashed the server but luckily the video was made available to watch the day after so now we are all lucky enough to know where BS Mountain lies.

3)   Lindsay Lohan has made her pick for President and she appears to be going with Mittens!

4)   And speaking of vomit, Lady GaGa must have drank the same bad Milk the Beibs did last week or else there’s a case of Pop Star flu going around, oh no!

5)   David Cross and Amber Tamblyn got married and had THE MOST HIPSTER WEDDING EVER. The event happened in a forest, the bride wore yellow, the cake was made of cheese wheels, it was documented on Instagram by Questlove, Yo La Tengo played Indie Rock hits, and many, many celebs attended. Adorable or too much? Let’s get real who DIDN’T wish there were there!?!

6)   Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, & Colin Farrell read Honey Boo Boo

7)   Mashable developed a Social Media personality infographic that we’re too ashamed to admit which ones we fall under because there are toooooooo mannnnyyyyyyyy.

8)   Fortune released their top 40 under 40 list and Mark Zuckerberg is number 2. No surprise really but ya know, FACEBOOK!

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