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June 29, 2012

Week in Review 6.25-6.29

Justin Bieber with Big Ang Lips

Here we are folks, the end of June! As usual, we have the skinny on the good, bad and the ugly of the week.  Was it good for you?

1.  This week, hopeless romantics across the nation wept as they heard the news that writer Nora Ephron had passed….And did so again when the news was correctly reported hours later.

2.  Either bogus reporting was the cool trend of the week or writers were on summer vacation because on Thursday, CNN falsely reported that the Supreme Court struck down the individual mandate for health care, then issued an apology and a correction noting they, “jumped the gun.”  Come on guys, you should know by now: no takesy-backsies!

3.  After much buzz and speculation, NBC Today Co-Host Ann Curry is in fact leaving the couch for a fancy title as Anchor-at-Large for Today, the sob sister explained to America on Thursday.

4.  Have you heard the one about Facebook mandating its female employees to wear shirts with Zuckerberg on it? Well now you have. And it’s not a joke.  Former Facebook employee, Katherine Losse, is releasing a tell-all book about her time at Facebook (2005-2010), called The Boy Kings, on Tuesday.

5.  As you know, our favorite VH1 lady is getting her own show, BIG ANG, on July 8th, and it seems as though our favorite celebrities are just as excited, showing off their newly furbished lips!

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