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June 15, 2012

Week In Review 6.9-6.15


It’s that time of the week again! So many things happened this week, and not just Lindsay Lohan constantly toying with our emotions but many things in the world you guys! Here’s a quick look at all that you missed this week if you were too busy enjoying the beach or having a BBQ or something healthy for your life all week 😉


We’ll start with business first:

1)    Facebook updated their search bar to encourage users to search for “people, places and things.” Previously the bar only included the word “search” and it doesn’t seem to change how the results are retrieved at all. Thrilling right?!

2)    A website called Funny Junk had been publishing comics from The Oatmeal without assigning credit and after being asked to give credit or remove the comics many times, Funny Junk changed the game and tried to SUE The Oatmeal! Funny Junk was going to file a federal lawsuit unless they received $20,000 in damages. The Oatmeal responded with a campaign to raise $20,000 that he would take a picture of said $20,000, and send that along with a drawing of the plaintiff’s mom seducing a Kodiak bear. The campaign on IndieGoGo has raised over $169,000. In yo FACE Funny Junk!

3)    The first lady got bit by the Pinterest bug! Three boards were created by the Obama campaign on her behalf — “Around the White House,” “Great memories” and a timely “Father’s Day.” Pins from the First Lady herself are signed “-mo.” Happy Pinning Michelle!

4)    One of our favorite bloggers/comedians is getting her shot at the big time with a new show on MTV! Congrats to Sara Schaefer—formerly of Best Week Ever and the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon blogs– and her partner in crime, Nikki Glaser! We’re super excited for this new late-night series and very proud to have watched a young blogger with big dreams make it all the way to the front of the camera. Congrats ladies!

5)    Now for the gossip! Did everyone hear about Chris Brown and Drake getting into a brawl this week over Rihanna and almost killing a few innocent bystanders?? We sure did, also because it happened right by the HIP GENIUS offices! So FAMOUS! There’s video footage of the fight where you can barely see anything but it’s still fun to watch this ongoing saga unfold!

6)    And of course, Lindsay Lohan keeps toying with our emotions by first almost getting killed in a terrible car accident and now passing out on hotel rooms! LINDSAY don’t you understand how much we need to see this LIFETIME MOVIE!?! PLEASE stay safe girl, if not for yourself, do it for Lifetime and Elizabeth Taylor—RIP.



Week In Review

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