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August 10, 2012

Week In Review 8.6-8.10


Don’t fret, we’ve got the lowdown despite almost melting this week due to high humidity. After a brief hiatus, we’re back with what’s new and happening on the World Wide Web and beyond. Are you ready for a new dose of Week In Review?

1.    The Olympics! We’ve got Olympic fever here at HIP Genius even as the games are coming to a close. Noteworthy winner Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s freakishly tall sprinter, became the first athlete in history to retain the Olympic 100m and 200m titles. His 9.63 second sprint set an Olympic record in the 100m. The last sprinter to even come close in 116 years of Olympic sprinters was Carl Lewis with a 9.92 second sprint in 1988.

2.    In other Olympic news, 18-year-old two-time gold medalist Aly Raisman is #winning on a whole different level. The U.S. gymnastics star performed the dreaded “tweet and delete,” when she accidentally announced her plans to go clubbing with some male gymnasts and quickly took it down. Despite being of legal drinking age in London, her cover up attempt was unsuccessful as tweeters with fast fingers got screenshots of her booze blunder.

3.    Are we there yet? NASA’s rover Curiosity can say so since it touched down on the red planet this week after a 354 million-mile journey. You can look at the out of this world images from its picture-perfect descent here.

4.    @MarsCuriosity wasn’t the only NASA star this week. Flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Mission, Bobak Ferdowsi, creates a new hairstyle for every mission. His latest do’, a stars-and-stripes-themed mohawk garnered internet fame this week and the NASA engineer’s Twitter account gained over 43,000 followers.

5.    “Arrested Development” fans are in luck: This Thursday BuzzFeed released the first pictures from the new set of “Arrested Development.” Highlights include David Cross looking like a bag lady or perhaps a traveling ghost, the return of the Bluth family stair-car, and an appearance by the cast of ‘Workaholics.” We will definitely be watching this season!

6.    In fashion news, Kate Spade partnered with French photographer, illustrator, and style blogger Garance Doré on their latest collection. We think these ensembles are très jolie, how about you?

HIP, Week In Review

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